"HAIR because personality is not the first thing people see..."

-Hair by Jenne


Meet the Expert: Emily Wyant

Emily’s commitment to excellence and continuing education lead her to be The Best Hair Extension Specialist and Hair Stylist in the heart of San Carlos. After 14 years of professional experience, not only behind the chair but also as part of a manufacturers education team, Emily has developed a wide offering of services, specializing in Custom Hair Extensions, Custom Hair Pieces, Hair Replacement and Hair Color Solutions to match.

Through careful consultation with each client, Emily ensures a successful outcome every visit so you can have hair that is thicker, fuller, comfortable and easy to manage.

Emily wants every client to feel confident by helping them have the hair they desire.

It’s time to make your hair dreams come true and celebrate YOU!

Is Short, Thinning Hair Weighing Down Your Confidence?

We get it! As if keeping up with the Joneses’ isn’t hard enough.
Thin, aging hair definitely doesn’t make it any easier…