Menlo Park

Bond Hair Bar Services near Menlo Park, California

Bond Hair Bar helps women throughout the San Francisco Bay Area feel confident, empowered, and attractive. That is why our San Carlos location brings in clients from all around the peninsula. Our clients know that great hair extensions and coloring are essential, an investment even, so they know they can’t settle for anything less than perfect. Bond Hair Bar gives all of our clients only the best.

People looking for hair extensions near Menlo Park know that Bond Hair Bar is the best for high-quality, long-lasting extensions. We take much pride in our work and do everything that we can to make sure that our clients walk out transformed and ready to take over the world. We’ve got the best hairdressers near Menlo Park as well because we do a lot more than just hair extensions.

For our hair extensions near Menlo Park, we use only the best brands on the market, because we know that quality matters to our clients and that long-lasting, beautiful hair is something worth having. For our color services, we use materials that won’t damage hair because happy, healthy hair is fabulous hair.  We even offer a comprehensive hair replacement service for clients who want to add some volume to thin or thinning hair. All the work that we do makes our clients feel their best—both inside and out. We empower women and give them newfound confidence in their appearance; nothing is more important to us.

So, if you’re looking for the best hairdresser near Menlo Park, look no further than Bond Hair Bar in San Carlos.

Set up your appointment online, and you’re one step closer to the hair of your dreams. After you’ve set up your appointment, be sure to fill out the new client form. We can’t wait to see you!