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Maintaining the life and health of your hair is just as important to us as it is to you. We use OYA hair color to treat the hair as gently as possible, with no ammonia or peroxide, and with semi-permanent lasting power. Less chemicals and more color makes for fabulous hair, and you deserve fabulous hair!  You won’t find a more wonderful hair color solution anywhere else.

We’re all guilty of over-coloring our hair so we suggest our clients to use OLAPLEX in order to restore each strand to the beautiful, silky way it should be. OLAPLEX is a three-step process but the first two steps are up to us.  First we use Bond Multiplier to start the process which protects your hair during coloring. Using Bond Perfector after shampooing helps ensure the strongest, shiniest hair outcome possible. After that, it’s up to you! Take step three, the Hair Perfector, home and add it to your routine for a week after coloring to create a strong, long-lasting hair color solution even after you leave the salon. Your fabulous, long-lasting hair color is sure to stun everyone who sees you!