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Whether you’re looking to change up your style or add to your already luscious locks, hair extensions add volume and length to curly or straight hair. Because we know our #BondHairBabes like a little variety, the extensions we use come in 36 different shades! Our straight and curly hair extensions can last between six to twelve weeks, depending on the type of extension and how they’re maintained. An amazing option if you have thinning hair or if your hair is just lacking the spark it used to have.

There are an array of influences that can affect the way your hair grows, it just takes an afternoon to add extensions that put a little thickness, bounce and length back into your everyday look. We offer the best natural hair extensions in the industry, including Secret Of Medusa, Babe, Hot Heads, and PerfecTress. We spend a lot of time and resources maintaining the latest training and using the highest quality natural hair extensions, so our clients look and feel amazing when they leave our chairs.

Depending on the type of hair extensions you desire, the process can vary. Our straight and curly hair extensions can be crimped into place without tape or glue, or secured with an adhesive if desired, depending on your hair type and the extensions being used.

Note: When using glue, tape or sealed extensions, we ask all of our clients to wait 48 hours for the adhesive to set before washing your hair in order to insure that the extensions stay in place. Extensions require special attention so be sure to take extra care when washing and styling your hair. The more TLC you give your locks, the longer your hair extensions will live up to their full potential!